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learning to drive?

Carolyn from Axcelorate will help make your driving experience as smooth and stress-free as can be. Through her calm and supportive teaching style that's catered towards each learner, she'll be able to identify any problems in your driving and help you fix them. All lessons are tailored to the learner’s individual needs, with comprehensive notes and online resources provided.​

The driving school cars are late model, NZ new Mazda 2 1500 Sport (one auto and one manual) with the highest possible safety rating (5 star ANCAP) and are fitted with dual control foot pedals for additional peace of mind. Lessons can also be held in your own car.​​

experience stress-free Driving Instruction.​

Providing you with a calm and supportive teaching style. Call ​

Our restricted test first time pass rate is very high helped by our calm and supportive teaching style individually tailored to each learner. 


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022 033 7044


“Hi Carolyn, just want to say thanks for your help… I have my Restricted now  yay!!​

“Hey Whanau, got any teens learning to drive? Check out this new driving school Axcelorate. Carolyn is an amazing instructor."​

"Carolyn is really calm and supportive. She helped me grow my confidence"​

- Jeni Moffat

- Sarah Shipston

- Ben Davids


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